Our fast and 24-hour services for Montreal, the North-shore (Laval, Terrebonne, Blainville, Boisbriand) and the South-shore (Brossard, Longueuil):


  • Car breakdown and Towing Services :

         For a fast and efficient towing, a personalized roadside assistance, available for you 7 days a                 week and 24 hours a day, we are the solution. Wherever you are, call us and we will come to               help you with our personalized and energetic towing service!


  • Vehicle unlocking : Did you leave your keys in your vehicle? You lost your keychain? Call us! We will come to get you out of trouble with the efficiency and friendly service that has made us known for 35 years now.


  • Emergency and roadside assistance: No matter when or where, SMGR Towing is there to help you out on the road! For any assistance on the road or road emergency, contact us and you will instantly understand why we offer the safest and most affordable service in the industry!


  • Battery boost: From downtown to the suburbs, from the North Shore to the South Shore, a phone call is enough to help you, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Towing or car boosting, SMGR is the solution.


  • Flat tire: Need a hand with your flat tire? Fast and efficient, Remorquage SMGR is here to help! Call us and see for yourself the specialized equipment and friendly service that makes our reputation!


  • Local and long distance accidents: Emergency on the road? Need immediate and efficient roadside assistance? Remorquage SMGR is committed to helping you, regardless of the problem, 24/7, a phone call is enough!


  • Inpoundment: Your vehicle is damaged and you don’t want to pay a fortune in car impoundment? For storage or moving, call us! Remorquage SMGR adjusts to your needs to provide you with the best service in the industry, anytime of the day or night, no matter what your request is! Let us show you why we are the pros in Montreal and on the North Shore.


  • Vehicle transport : For a vehicle transport, towing, road emergency, or when there’s a problem with your car, we can help you at any time! Our large platforms will welcome the most luxurious to the most robust vehicles.


  • Pull out: Whether your vehicle is caught in ice or mud, a phone call is enough to get you out of trouble! With our customized equipment and personalized approach, saving your vehicle has never been easier and more affordable! One name: Remorquage SMGR.


  • We cover the whole Montreal area activities: Towing SMGR collaborates with the city of Montreal to better serve you. When there’s snow removal and you need to move your vehicle quickly, or in any other situation, we are the solution to all your problems! One phone number to have at any time:

Toll free number : 


Our ally: Carrosserie St-Michel, THE best garage in the industry,

514-728-2822 http://www.carrosseriestmichel.com/

For over 35 years now, our main goal has been to serve Quebeckers, with the fastest, most efficient and affordable roadside assistance, anytime of the day or night! It is the quality of service that we offer that explains the unprecedented reputation of Remorquage SMGR.

Our services

For all our services, we travel wherever you are to serve you! Montreal is our favorite region, and this also includes the North Shore and the South Shore. So, no hesitation needed: Remorquage SMGR is there, 24h and 7 days, to better serve you, at the most competitive prices!

The best drivers in the industry, with the cheapest service available in Montreal. Without hesitation, I recommend SMGR to everyone.
— Denis Theriault, road accident, 2017
Even on the North Shore, the speed at which they pulled my vehicle out of the ice was surprising! Very good service, keep up the good work!
— Sarah Désilet, "pull-out", 2017
Wow! I did not imagine it was possible to have such a courteous and friendly service with a towing company. Now, when my car breaks down, for me it’s SMGR or nothing!
— Marc Girard, car breakdown, 2017

The many services offered by Remorquage SMGR will bring you the peace of mind you are looking for in road accidents. The experts we put to your service are there to accompany you, whether you need emergency assistance, roadside assistance or simply a pull-out.